Reasons why you don't like yourself


 Reasons Why You Don't Like Yourself
























Many of us struggle with self love , even though it has been one of the most talked

about topics that’s shared on the internet.You being able to know some of the

reasons why you might bit like yourself , will help you get over this feeling and feel

more comfortable with your personality.Which will allow you to become better.



Rough Times


Whenever things aren’t going our way , it becomes very difficult for any person to

enjoy themselves and the fact that other people might not be going through the

same thing you’re.Is what even makes us feel alot worse than we should , the

truth is that everyone goes through these moments and we shouldn’t let them

control the we view things.


These hardships and challenges can make us hate who we’re because , we often

feel the need to be in control of each and everything that goes on in our lives.When

we don’t get these situations under control it can make us feel like we’re worthless

but , always remember that these problems will be solved in due time.Just

because can’t handle the situation , it doesn’t mean that you should be to hard on

yourself.If you get to control what you’re able to , everything will be okay.



Drawing Comparisons


Another reason why it might be so hard to love yourself , is because of what we

get influenced by. Many of us , log onto social media platforms and get to see

things that other people are doing.


In terms of the lifestyles that they get to live and its these comparisons that we

make , which can negatively affect us by encouraging us to think less of who you

are.Seeing all these luxury things shouldn’t make you feel like you’re not doing

anything with your life but , it should be used as motivation to help you achieve the

dreams you’ve got as well.



Failure & Underachievement


When we don’t manage to achieve a goal and fail , it really does have a big impact

on our confidence because you put so much of your time in your craft.Being

successful is a big reason why you might not like who you are , but life is all about

perspective.Not being able to achieve what we’d like to isn’t the best feeling but

when you get past this , this moment can be used as a stepping stone to do much

better later own.


Looking down on yourself , will only limit you from becoming a better person in

life.Nothing that you’ll want is going to be easy to get , so when you’re not

successful at a particular point in time.It doesn’t mean that you’re not worth

it.Getting to see the places where you went wrong , would really boost your

chances of success and it’ll help you feel way better.





Just like we mentioned before , we encounter so many challenges and hardships

in our lives.Which will cause us to think differently about who we’re , not feeling

comfortable with the way you look like.


Is also a good reason why you would hate yourself , with all the things that we hear

and look at.Its easy for those things to influence us and force us to think we have

to look or act a particular way to be accepted in society.


Not being able to fit in , its going to be difficult for you to feel comfortable in your

own skin.Its this negativity that will make you feel less of yourself , just because

you don’t look a certain way or can’t have access to those popular items that

trend.It doesn’t make you any less of a person , you’ll always matter no matter

what you look like.



Changing so many clothes , still won’t change your personality.Accepting your true

self , is what will help you start loving yourself a bit more each and everyday.Each

of us have gone through something like a rough patch , so don’t think that you’re



The most important person in your life isn’t your spouse or partner but its you ,

people like you for who you are and not what you offer.Which is why you’ll need to

start taking care of yourself alittle bit more , thinking of you first.Isn’t selfish

because when you’re at your best , you’ll be able to do the best.


Creating a self care routine would be a great start to you finding the happiness

you’ll need , however. Looking at yourself in a more positive light , is what will allow

you to make the necessary changes in your life.




Date : 06 Jan 2021

Post By : Lifestyle'n'Stuff



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