why we need self reflection


Why We Need Self Reflection





































There are alot of things that happen in our lives and before making any actions

moving forward with your life , it would be really helpful for you to take the time to

reflect upon your life , whenever most of us think of personal reflection.Its very

easy for us to jump to the conclusion that we should only do this when we’ve got

problems or challenges in our lives and this isn’t true at all.


Helping you see the value of this activity , might give you a different perspective

and help you make use of it in your life.With so many posts and videos that talk

about self examination , it can sound like a thing that’s complicated to do.


Self reflection is like getting to review your day and try to highlight the things that

you could have done better , each and everyone of us needs to improve the way

we do things everyday.Below are some of the points that will help you see why its

important to have a couple of hours in the day , just to sit down and think about

your life.
















Personal Growth


One of the reasons why you need to reflect on yourself is because it’ll help you

improve as a person , the best way to have a positive impact on others is by

taking a good look at yourself first.Seeing how you could have done things

differently would really make a big difference , if you were to encounter the same

thing in the future.


Becoming the person that you’d like to be doesn’t just happen overnight but it

takes time and you being able to look through your flows will help you find ways of

being a better version of yourself.



Preparation For Tomorrow


Everyone has got activities to carryout throughout the week and this makes it

essential for us to find ways of how , we can get through the week with ease.This

is where another benefit of personal reflection can be seen , when you look

through all that you’ve done during the day.


Not being able to fix the little things , will only keep you in the same position and

leave you thinking about adding more time.If you’re looking to have a good day ,

you’ll need to set yourself up for success , by making sure that you manage your

workload and your time schedule.
















Progress Made


We all have to make progress one way or another , in order for us to keep on

moving forward with our lives and the best way to keep track of the steps that

you’re making.Is by review your week.The hardest part about achieving goals is

the follow through , so you examining yourself will help you with that.



Be Honest With Yourself


Self reflection is all about getting to look yourself in the mirror and try to improve ,

one of the most difficult things that any human being can do.Is take accountability

for something that they’ve done wrong , changing our behaviour and getting to

acknowledge the wrong attitude that we might have showed towards other people.


Is what will allow us to be the person that we’ve wanted to , its the small changes

that we make through out our lives.When added up , will have a huge impact on

your life.Even though we get to ask our friends and family for advice , its just as

important for each of us to individually reflect on ourselves.





Making Important Life Decisions


Many are the times that we feel like we need to rush when making decisions that

will impact our lives , in the hope that will catch up with those that seem ahead of

us.Which can only put us behind , if we don’t carefully think about the steps we’re

going to take.Before we make our choices , which is a good choice to slow down

and take your time when it comes to making decisions that affect your life.


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Date : 11 Jan 2021

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