why you should go outside more


Why You Should Go Outside More 


































Having a lot of activities in our schedule does take up so much of the time we’ve

got during the day and only getting to focus on work all day can make you feel

overwhelmed , looking for an escape is the only option that you’ll have left if your

looking to have a good mood.


Restoring your mood is what will make your week feel a whole lot better but

instead of going to the spa each time you need a break , why not try going outside

more often and enjoy some of what nature has got to offer.


You’ve been sitting behind your disk for the most part of this week and you need

to change that by adding something different to your routine , here are some

reasons why going outside is good for you.















Change Of Scenery


Being in buildings all week and looking at screens the whole time , does get a little

but boring because you get to feel like your reliving the same day throughout the

week.Doing something new for a change might actually help you brighten up your

day , when was the last time you actually got to enjoy nature and feel a gentle

breeze run across your face?.


Most of the time were to busy to appreciate how nice nature is , so maybe on your

next launch break.It would be be a really great chance for you to just rest your

mind because seeing something different might just be what you need to feel at

peace , as well as help you stay in touch with your surroundings.



Going Outside Is Good For Your Health


Staying healthy in our lives is a really important thing that most of us tend to

overlook because we feel that being fit , is all about ensuring that you’ve got a

gym membership card but its not all about the weights.You can still do the small

things during the day , adding a walking through the park as part of your weekly



Is a really simple way to make sure that you squeeze in a fitness exercise , I

mean if you can’t run then you’ll have to walk right?.Staying healthy is all about

finding a routine that fits you but this isn’t the only benefit of being outdoors

because the sun also gives your body vitamin D , which is really good for

strengthening bones.















Tech Detox


We get to surround ourselves with so much technology throughout the week

because of all the information that we need but giving yourself a chance to

breathe and have a break from using your phone , will prevent you from becoming

to attached to it.


Taking a walk is a good way to clear your mind from all the things that you get to

see on the internet too , sometimes we gt to think less of ourselves because of the

things that we see on social media platforms and getting to detox is what will keep

you in touch with reality.


Its okay not to use your phone for a while and because your outside the house ,

you get to give your eyes some rest too.Your mental health is important and its

doing small things like this that will allow you to maintain the balance that you

need in life , so go sit in the park and read a book for a change.



Think Better


With so much going on in the office or at home , it would be much easier for you

to think better if you leave those places that might be causing that mental block

and there’s nothing better than doing this whilst you take a walk.Being outdoors is

a great way to ask yourself questions that will move your life forward , the

decisions that we make do have a really big impact on the kind of person that

you’ll become in the future.




So if you need to think clearly do it over a walk because that way , you get to be

away from everything and just have a little quiet time all to yourself.



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Date : 04 March 2021

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