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Going through our day to day activities , they might be a few things that make us feel like

life isn’t worth the effort and this would make us questions ourselves.One of the biggest

thoughts that probe our minds is whether we’re good enough , to achieve the goals that

we set out to complete or not.


When you start to doubt yourself , it becomes harder for you to focus on one

thing.Being undecided when it comes to make choice can have a really negative

impact on your life and will make you feel less confident.You don’t need to think

less of yourself , helping you realize why you’re so much better than you think.


Might help you elevate your mood , below are some of the things you need to

remember when you feel like you’re not good enough.



You’re True To Yourself


One of the very first things that we’d like you to look into is , being truthful to

yourself.The hardest thing for anyone to do in life is look in the mirror and

acknowledge our flows , like the old saying goes.The truth hurts and us being

human beings , its very easy to point fingers at other people when they do wrong

things and not ourselves.


The reason why this is important , is because it shows that you’re actually good

enough.In the sense that you’re able to be real with who you are and like we

mentioned earlier , not everyone can do this. By you asking yourself this question

,means that theirs room to be better and thats what makes you a better person.

















Most of the time , its very easy to head over to social media and look at other

peoples lives .See how well to do they’re and start to compare ourselves to them ,

which makes us feel like we aren’t even close to being good enough and this is

very far from the truth.You’re not like them which is correct and sure you may not

have what they do but , you’ve got something that no one else will ever have.


Which is you , there will never be anyone that will be like you.Making you unique

in every kind of way and this already makes you better than good enough.Don’t

develop a habit of comparing yourself to other people and focus on you , this

doesn’t mean that you can’t be inspired by them.The best thing about being

yourself is that you get to create the lifestyle that you want , the way you want .



You’re Alive


We all tend to overlook the tiny detail in our lives form time to time , its good to just

look back and be grateful that you woke up today.In life anything can happen ,

with the right opportunity and the thought of not being good enough.Shouldn’t be

tied down to materialistic things , the mere fact that you’re able to so something

each and everyday.


Is a really good indicator that you shouldn’t feel bad about who you are , there are

other people that haven’t even been granted the opportunity to see this day and

this is something that you need to think about when you’re going about the day.















Able to change


Like we mentioned in the section about being truthful to ourselves , being able to

reflect upon your actions and look in the mirror.Is a huge positive as it shows that

you’re able to improve yourself where you can , being the person that you want to

be takes time and its all about making room for improvement.


Life is all about growth , we never stop learning new ways to go about things.It

doesn’t mean that because you didn’t succeed at something the first time , your

not good enough.The only time when you can say that you’re not worth it , is

when you’ve completely give up on yourself.Even the people that might have

achieved a great level of success , had alittle bit of pumps along the road.


Mistakes are only human and we make them every time but , its all about learning

how we can do better and changing.We’re all able to get better and do more with

our lives , which is one reason why you’re good enough to do anything that you

set your mind to.



Make Your Dreams Come True


We all have hopes and aspirations for our lives ,ever since we were children.The

truth is , the only person that can actually carryout this plan Is you.No one else

knows what you’d like to achieve other than yourself , our lives are so valuable

because we only get one shot to build it and you working to make your dreams a

reality is what gives us the confidence.


To say that you’re more than capable of coming through with your plans ,

constantly asking yourself why you aren’t good enough isn’t a bad thing at all.As

its a really great indicator that you’re able to demand more and this will bring out

the best in you.If you want something done well , its best you do it yourself.That’s

proverb to add to your list of daily affirmations , to power you through the day.



We all go through alot of tough times and this can easily make us feel like we

aren’t good at anything we do , which is why you need to keep on reminding

yourself that you’ve got what it takes to do more.Keep on being positive and

always try to improve yourself.



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Date : 07 Jan 2020

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