Things children shouldn't do


Things Children Shouldn't Do


























As parents we would all like to see or children act and behave correctly , not only

towards you but other people as well.Which is why , we’ve decided to come up

with a list of a few things that will help you know if your children will need a boost

or some encouragement.In order for them to act in a more positive way.


Our children are still young and still growing up , even of they might be acting

negatively towards you. Its important for us to try and remain patient with them , in

order to prevent you from lashing out at them all the time.As this can affect your

relationship , that;’s just a small thing you’ll have to remember as you read this















Children Shouldn’t Lie


Honesty in children is very important , as this will allow them to be truthful and

stay out of trouble. Having a bad habit of not being truthfully at a very young age ,

would only make it harder for them to stop it when they get older.


Telling them the value of being honest , would help them see the value of this

good and positive habit.One of the best things you can do is try and start leading

more by example and be the person that displays this character.



Being Rude


Not getting to respect you or any other person is a sign of a bad attitude , kids

shouldn’t start to treat other people like they aren’t valuable.It really doesn’t hurt

anyone when you’re being too polite , getting your children to be more respectful

of other peoples feelings , will allow them to start treating people better.


Teaching your children how to be kind towards every person that they meet ,

would allow them to communicate better and also create valuable relationships

with them.That will last a long time.














Glued To Their Screens


Even though most of the information that our children get to receive and use can

only be gotten through their phones , parents should ensure that they set a limit

on the time they spend on these devices.


When our children spend long hours glued to their screens , it can have a very

negative effect on their eye sight and having to reducing the time will prevent this

from happening.It’ll also allow you to keep them active throughout the day.You can

add it to your house rules and set up a consequence if they don’t stop using their

devices on time.



Staying Up Late


Kids would like to run around and play all day , which will require them to have

alot of energy.If they don’t get enough rest and stay up late , it’ll only make it

difficult for them to enjoy their day.Children have been recommended to sleep for

atleast 8 hours a day , this was mentioned in an article on the sleep Foundation

website.So parents must ensure that they don’t stay up all night but , get the rest

that they need.














Watching Inappropriate content


Children shouldn’t be allowed to watch content that isn’t appropriate for their age ,

if they get to watch and read things that aren’t appropriate for them.It can have a

very big influence on the way they get to behave , because our kids are still

growing and them learning bad habits isn’t great.


They can easily be influenced by what they see and the fact that most of them

spend most of the day on these devices , brings us back to what we mentioned

about limiting screen time.Providing good content that will build there character

and not break it , is something that parents should try to do.



Kids Should Not Be Unappreciative


Not being grateful for the things that you or anyone else does for the them , will

make them feel more entitled to the treatment that they’re receiving.Raising a

child that is spoiled , can be difficult on you.So try as much as possible to teach

them how to be more grateful for the things they’ve been given , getting to say

“No” once in a while is okay.Especially when they don’t ask politely for what they

want , children shouldn’t be spoiled.



Some of the habits that children have when their younger , can become a bigger

problem when they get older and parents should notice these things before they

get any bigger.Using some of these things on this list of the stuff they shouldn’t do

,would hopefully help you improve them.


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